Year in Review

Welcome to the
2020 Baystate Health
Annual Report.

We are excited to share highlights of our year as we work to support our mission while advancing care and enhancing lives.

The story of Baystate Health (BH) in 2020 is dominated by its response to the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and the disease it causes, COVID-19. BH was able to draw on resources established in preparation for Ebola virus in 2014 and was quick to alert its providers to the potential threat. The disease came early to Massachusetts, which for a while was the third highest state in the country in cases and deaths. BH stepped up and stood out for its early adoption of novel approaches to care and its redesign of traditional team arrangements. Our caregivers and leaders distinguished themselves by their commitment, resiliency, and ingenuity in dealing with a novel and deadly threat. The ability to adjust, redeploy, improvise, and endure meant that the epidemic did not overwhelm health system capacity in western Massachusetts, and that caregivers were able to be protected from infection while getting the job done.

BH also played an unprecedented role as a convener of all health systems in our region, a source of guidance for government policy and decision makers, a source of reliable information for an anxious public, and a critical support to a stretched public health system in scores of towns and cities.

Throughout the pandemic, care for patients with non-COVID-19 conditions continued, though altered in its form of delivery. In 2020, the system continued to garner recognition at the national level for top performance in quality and safety and maintained its status as leader among health systems in the state for low cost per capita for comprehensive care. Gains were made in the patient experience, as well as advancing a more flexible and participative culture that spurred innovation. Our critical competencies in academics, informatics and technology, supporting our workforce, and improving performance, all advanced in both scope and sophistication.

As BH emerges into a world of great volatility and uncertainty, it remains secure in its foundation of committing to excellence and to serving all people in our community. We invite you to look back at 2020 and explore our Annual Report through its chapters:

  • COVID-19: learn how Baystate Health led the way, providing expert and compassionate care to a community coping with the global pandemic.
  • Highlights: from the year in quality, safety, experience, academic innovation, best place to work, and community connections.
  • Awards: national recognitions for the quality of Baystate Health’s programs and services.
  • Front Line Stories: moving stories from our team members on the front lines of patient care this past year.
  • Financials: a letter from our CFO and Baystate Health’s financial statements, graphs, and auditor’s report.
  • About Us: more about our leadership and Baystate Health entities.

The pandemic is a trial no one would have wished for, but it revealed great character in our organization and brought to life in daily actions our promise to our communities of Advancing Care and Enhancing Lives. We continue to dedicate ourselves to our mission to improve the health of the people in our communities every day, with quality and compassion. Thank you for your continued support and interest in our health system.

With gratitude,

Signature - Mark R. Keroack

Mark A. Keroack, MD, MPH
President &
Chief Executive Officer,
Baystate Health

Signature - John Maybury
John F. Maybury
Baystate Health
Board of Trustees